Submissive children. How to change your behavior

Submissive children. How to change your behavior

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Submissive children are those children who behave too passively, who run away from what they really want to say and never try to achieve their needs, especially when someone comes into conflict with them. Submissive children obey so as not to conflict with others, they are able to override their personality to feel accepted within a group or to prevent others from messing with him. Going unnoticed is your goal.

A shy child is a shy child and avoids others as much as possible either out of fear of people or out of fear that their feelings will hurt them.

For example, a submissive child at school or at home they can take the blame for something when others are pointing out them even though they are not at fault at all. But if things go wrong, they would rather accept the burden than come into conflict with people they fear.

This fear usually appears because submissive children feel other people as aggressive and believe that they are not capable of facing others. They consider themselves weak, cowardly and with low self-esteem and thus act before the world and society.

The behavior of a submissive child can get you in trouble in the long run since it is an unhealthy behavior that makes his personality almost nullified.

Another example of submissive children would be when a child is being bullied at school and does not stand up for himself or say anything to the teachers. It is possible that this child has strong desires to be stronger, but they do not struggle to achieve it, they accommodate and accept the victim situation.

The submissive child feels inferior to others and therefore thinks that he has fewer rights than others. These children often suppress their feelings and even some of their memories. How to help a child to stop being submissive? Like many behaviors, submission can be learned and therefore stop being can also be learned. To help your child you will have to educate him to change this, do not miss the following tips to achieve it:

- Boost your self-esteem. A child with good self-esteem will know how much he is worth and that no one is better than him in any way. A child with self-esteem knows that his voice also matters and that if he tries, he can achieve everything he sets out to do.

- Emotional education. It is important to work emotional education with a submissive child so that he stops repressing his feelings and is able to express what he feels whenever he needs it. If you are able to put your feelings into words and understand them, you will be able to understand yourself and others, but above all, you will be able to respect yourself.

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