Beware of chlorine and the behavior of children in swimming pools

Beware of chlorine and the behavior of children in swimming pools

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Normally our concern when we take children to the pool, focuses mainly on their safety, that is, whether or not they are wearing cuffs, teaching them to swim, or whether they are using the cream with the appropriate sun protection factor.

However, pulmonologists warn that water with a lot of chlorine and little care can put the health of children at risk.

Falling, burning or drowning are not the only risks children are exposed to when they go to the pool. The danger also lies in the water, in its quality, and more specifically in the use of chemicals such as chlorine which, according to the Association of Pulmonologists of Southern Spain, can cause asthma.

Children, mainly two to three years old, are the most vulnerable to asthma. For this reason, pulmonologists advise parents to be more cautious when choosing pool facilities to bring their children. Chlorine alone is not considered a hazardous chemical, but its effect is harmful when combined with other substances derived from sweat, saliva, or urine. This conjunction is harmful to the respiratory system, and especially to children.

To avoid health problems, it is recommended that parents:
1. Certify that the pool is adequately served with chlorine
2. Force everyone to shower before getting into the water - Avoid little ones drinking the pool water
3. Avoid long baths
4. They should put water resistant and appropriate diapers on babies
5. Teach children, from a very young age, how they should behave in the water, that is, avoid jumping off the curb, or splashing around in the water
6. Do not expose babies in crowded environments
7. And finally, never leave the little ones alone

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