Natural birth under water

Natural birth under water

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You have probably heard about the benefits of having your baby in water ... It is an option that is increasingly chosen by women, in fact you can find more and more hospitals that have installed large bathtubs in expansion rooms so that they women can enjoy them in their labor.

Water is a medium that can provide a lot of comfort to the pregnant woman. By floating, it exerts a force against gravity on the pregnant woman's body, so her body will weigh less and can move more easily. The hydrostatic pressure generates a very pleasant sensation in the pregnant woman, of withdrawal and embrace. The temperature is similar to the maternal temperature so the woman is in an optimal environment, in which due to the effect of the heat her muscles will relax, creating well-being in the pregnant woman.

Dilation period: It is important to use water properly. It is described that entering the water before 4 cm of dilation slows down labor. Above this dilation, water provides multiple benefits: The main one is the relief of pain from the contractions it produces, in fact it is one of the most effective non-pharmacological means against labor pain. Studies also suggest that the duration of labor is shorter if the dilation phase is performed in water.

When to get out of the water? If the cardiotocographic record is altered, the amniotic fluid is stained with meconium or any other circumstance occurs that alters the normal progression of low-risk labor, it would be advisable to get out of the water to monitor the baby's condition more exhaustively.

In some women, staying in hot water for a long time can also cause fatigue, so the time that the woman spends in the bathtub must be closely controlled.

Expulsive period: There is some controversy about giving birth in the bathtub, as some studies have shown that it can have harmful effects on the baby. In many hospitals they do not allow women to terminate the birth in water or allow it to be terminated if the woman signs a consent in which she is informed of the effects that performing it may have. On the other hand, the dilation phase, in women with low-risk births that are developing properly, enjoying the bath is fully recommended.

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