What Parents Can Do When Their Children Fight

What Parents Can Do When Their Children Fight

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No parent likes their children to fight, although it seems that it is almost inevitable and that it always happens in all families. But it will depend on your reaction to this fight whether your children continue to do it or it decreases over time, likewise your reaction to the fight will help them to take an example of a good attitude or the opposite. For example, you can't tell your son not to hit his brother if you push him away and hit him on the ass, what example would you be setting? That pasting is okay and that is how conflicts are resolved.

But it is very important that parents know how to act and above all, how to intervene in these cases for children to learn good behavior. Below you will find some guidelines so that you know what to do when your children fight.

Here are some tips for parents who can end up desperate over their children's repetitive fights:

1. Stay calm. One of the most important things you can do to intervene in a fight is to control your emotions and stay calm. Children need to experiment with their parents' reaction to negative feelings, if you are able to remain calm and reassure your children, over time they will learn to remain calm on their own, something that is essential to learn to manage and understand the feelings.

2. Don't worry about who started the fight. They should be treated the same when fighting a fight.

3. Model of citizenship at home. Make it clear to children that the main rule at home is that you treat each other with kindness and respect. If there is yelling and they are hurting each other, it is not respectful and cannot be allowed. They will need time to calm down.

4. Create rules to play. If they ask to continue playing they are warned that if you have to intervene again, they will be separated without play for a time.

5. Teach negotiation skills. Negotiation skills and social skills are very important for child development but also to avoid fights between siblings. If your children want to play together but do not know how to solve conflicts, your job is to teach them to do so.

6. Let them calm down if they are nervous. If the children are too upset to resolve any conflict, it is best to give them some time of personal space until they calm down and then return to the subject. It is better to listen to each child his version but if one is too angry and one says bad things about the other, they are temporarily separated and made to see that they need to calm down before resolving the conflict with respect.

It is very important, above all, to treat empathy to resolve conflicts and rely on the emotions of each other, seeking solutions without focusing too much on the culprit or the problem.

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