Botulism in children

Botulism in children

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The botulism It is a neurological disease that comes from the spores of a bacterium, and that can reproduce in both adults and children, and that can be found in some foods or in the soil. Knowing what it is and recognizing its symptoms helps us prevent it in the little ones in the house and make them feel better.

The fact of suffering botulism It is not alarming in itself, but it can be serious if it is not found in time. Knowing what exactly it consists of will make everything a scare when it affects our children.

Botulism is a disease that comes from the hand of a bacterium that adopts spores by conditions that are not too favorable, and that because of this can cause toxic substances for the human organism.

We can find it in the soil, in the dust and contamination, and for this reason it can reach some foods of which there is no certainty, but which could cause botulism in certain Adverse conditions. Some of these foods are honey in the case of babies, since if it were damaged by these spores, it could attack their stomach. It could also be found in prepared meals that have not been stored properly.

Once we know what botulism is, we need to think about what kinds of symptoms children who have it have. On the one hand, children usually present a situation within a few hours of droopy eyelids, double vision and even respiratory distress. If we know that they have eaten honey when they are very young or some food that we doubt has been well preserved, it is time to go to the doctor.

Another type of symptoms is difficulty stand tall -especially the head area-, and even to move. If we also know that they have been in contact with the ground for a long time, the bacteria could be in this place.

Once we are clear that these symptoms of botulism In some of our children, the most important thing is to know how to act accordingly or follow the instructions of a doctor, since it will depend on each case. As a general rule, in the hospital children are usually treated with the antitoxin injection that must be administered to the minor for their recovery. In the most serious cases, the children should also be assisted with mechanical ventilation.

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