Saint Ishmael Day, June 17. Names for boys

Saint Ishmael Day, June 17. Names for boys

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Ismael is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'God will listen'. It is a name belonging to the biblical tradition of those that today's parents like to revitalize.

Although not one of the most frequent names, Ismael is gaining popularity in recent years for his simple beauty and musicality. He celebrates his name day on June 17, which is the day of San Ismael.

Because of the meaning of his name, Ismael has a very interesting and enigmatic personality. In addition to standing out for his ambability and companionship, Ismael has great creative gifts and wastes sensitivity. His calm and calm character does not prevent him from becoming a decisive person endowed with great strength.

The name Ismael is known in all languages ​​with hardly any variations. The name of your son has the peculiarity of having been used by the three majority religious traditions; in this way Ishmael becomes the connecting link between Jews, Muslims and Christians.

And it is that the name of your son comes from the biblical legend surrounded by connotations of respect, tolerance and coexistence. The biblical Ishmael was the fruit of the union between the patriarch Abraham and his slave Hagar, for which reason both the mother and the child were expelled from the parental home.

Throughout history we have met many personalities who have borne the name of your son. But today we have a faithful representative of Ismael's sensitive and creative character in the figure of the Spanish singer-songwriter Ismael Serrano.

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