Pregnancy: what is the best sleeping position?

Pregnancy: what is the best sleeping position?

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Face up, face down, on one side, on the other ... how difficult it is to get a good sleeping posture when you are pregnant! It is evident that this new physiognomy can alter our sleep and, although this can train us for when our newborn baby claims us at night, it is very important to be able to rest correctly and regain strength in these moments of exhaustion.

During pregnancy, many changes are experienced that will modify our body and our way of eating, moving, relating, thinking and, of course, resting. Rest can be made difficult not only by our work inside and outside the home, but also by our obvious and heavy belly, which will lead us to make an extra effort to continue in the gap.

The last weeks of pregnancy can be really uncomfortable and exhausting for a woman, we end up walking with our back arched and holding our lower abdomen with our hand, we may experience some painful contraction, or we really want to urinate and it is anatomically difficult to carry the great carrying a baby weighing 2 to 3 kilos plus placenta, uterus, fluids, blood, etc.

The time to go to bed should be a time to sleep well and regain strength, but sometimes it becomes an agonizing search for a position in which to rest properly. For moms who were used to sleeping on their stomach, they will obviously have to give up the habit, but for those who used to sleep on their back, although apparently it is a more comfortable position, it can also cause them inconvenience due to the great weight they will have to bear in her back, organs and arteries, because of her bulging uterus. The pressure exerted by our large belly can lead to problems such as poor blood flow, bladder and sciatic nerve pressure, and back pain, among others.

It is very difficult for someone to hold all night in the same position, but one of the best positions to rest, to facilitate blood flow and body stability, is to lie on the left side, with a pillow or cushion between the knees somewhat bent. In this position, the great pressure exerted by the uterus on the blood vessels is released, ensuring a correct supply of oxygen to the baby and all our vital organs. Hopefully the need to find a comfortable position to sleep doesn't make you sleepless!

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