Games to stimulate the vision of babies from 6 to 10 months

Games to stimulate the vision of babies from 6 to 10 months

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Between 6 and 10 months, babies begin to use both eyes at the same time. Until now, their vision is very immature: they see blurry, they do not capture colors and it is difficult for them to distinguish objects. When the ground stage begins and they begin to crawl, babies begin to use focus and develop peripheral vision. This is because you no longer have to be still in one place but have to move. He thus develops other skills and needs more resources to function in his new environment.

It would be convenient to carry out the first visual examination with an optometrist at 6 months, we can also perform several games of visual stimulation at home:

- Exercise visual memory: Cuckoo games and changing gestures with our faces are very useful for them.

- Floor exercises: Activity blankets or floor gyms stimulate the baby's movements before the crawling phase, so he can coordinate his body and the use of both eyes equally.

- Eye-hand coordination: We can offer you one toy to hold in one hand and another to hold in the other.

- Games in front of the mirrorBabies will not recognize their own image at first. The possible reaction to meeting will be one of satisfaction, it is possible that he smiles and tries to touch the mirror.

- Play with sound: Tie some bells or bells to the booties so that he learns to relate the movements of his body with the sound.

- Digital caliper: place small objects next to him so that he begins to try to grasp them by pinching them with his fingers.

With these activities the baby will try to focus on what is close to him and will train his peripheral vision, which is almost 180º.

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