Babies also communicate in sign language

Babies also communicate in sign language

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Communication is essential for the human being. People have the need to give and receive information and, generally, we do it with the word. However, for some, their disability prevents them from emitting any type of sound, although in no case is it an impediment for them to also communicate. They do through sign language.

Children with a hearing impairment learn to communicate from the time they are babies through sign language. This is the case of two brothers who were adopted by an American family and whose gestural communication, recorded on video by their mother, has already gone viral.

The older brother is totally deaf, the younger brother is partially deaf. Six months before his mother recorded this video, neither of them spoke sign language. Today, your conversation is totally fluid and also very abundant as you can see in his incessant dance of hands.

This family waited at the auto repair shop to fix the car. That's when the talk between the brothers begins. The biggest question is whether the car needs batteries, since this is what happens to their cars when they stop working and the two engage in an interesting conversation about means of transport, with which they are obsessed.

Sign language is as old as human beings, and ancient tribes used it to communicate with each other because they had different languages. Today, sign language has evolved a lot, and continues to do so, because it is a living language, as is the oral one.

It contains the same properties and complexities. It has a syntax that follows the same principles as a natural language. It is not about simple mimicry, like the gesture we can make to someone to shut up or the one we make to ask our son to come. It has a complex grammar like that of any other language. Each country or even community has its own sign language.

Deaf Babies Follow the Same Pattern as Babies Without Hearing Impairment when it comes to learning sign language. There is also a stammering stage, first words, 'pronunciation' errors. What's more, did you know that there is a baby sign language that any baby can benefit from?

Experts realized years ago that sign language was beneficial even for children who are not deaf and emerged as such in the 1980s at the initiative of Dr Joseph Garcia. Sign language for babies is a tool that parents can use their children from six months and that promotes the development of speech, teaches them to gesture, encourages reading and reduces their frustration.

It is even used with children with special needs: autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or difficulty in speaking since it is an ideal method to promote communication with children and reduce their frustration.

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