Hamelin's futist. Children's Stories

Hamelin's futist. Children's Stories

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Hamelin's futist it is part of traditional German children's literature. Classified as a fairy tale, it tells the story of a small German town invaded by a plague of mice. The good work of a charming piper frees the town from rodents, but the greed and selfishness of its inhabitants will end up condemning them forever.

In Guiainfantil We bring you a shorter version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin so that you can read it with your children and teach them that greed does not lead anywhere in life, and that sooner or later it can end up turning against it.

A long, long time ago, in the prosperous city of Hamelin, something very strange happened: one morning, when its fat and satisfied inhabitants left their houses, they found the streets invaded by thousands of mice that prowled everywhere, devouring, insatiably, the grain of their full barns and the food of their goods pantries provided.

No one could understand the cause of such an invasion, and what was even worse, no one knew what to do to end such a disturbing plague.

As much as they tried to exterminate them or at least drive them away, it seemed that more and more mice were coming to the city. Such was the number of mice that, day after day, took over the streets and houses, that even the cats themselves fled in fear.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the men of the city, who saw their wealth in danger due to the voracity of the mice, summoned the Council and said: "We will give a hundred gold coins to whoever frees us from the mice".

Presently a tall, lanky flute player, whom no one had seen before, appeared before them and said: "The reward will be mine. Tonight there will not be a single mouse left in Hamelin."

Having said this, he began to walk through the streets and, while he was walking, he played a wonderful melody with his flute that enchanted the mice, who, emerging from their hiding places, followed the footsteps of the flutist who tirelessly played his flute.

And so, walking and playing, he took them to a very distant place, so much so that from there you couldn't even see the city walls.

A mighty river passed through that place where, when trying to cross it to follow the flute player, all the mice were drowned.

The Hamelinians, finally freed from the voracious mouse troops, breathed a sigh of relief. Already calm and satisfied, they went back to their prosperous businessesThey were so happy that they organized a great party to celebrate the happy ending, eating excellent food and dancing until late at night.

The next morning the piper appeared before the council and demanded from the men of the city the hundred gold coins promised as a reward. But these, freed from their problem and blinded by their greed, replied: "Get out of our city! Or do you think we will pay you so much gold for as little as playing the flute? "

And having said that, the plump men of the Council of Hamelin they turned their back on him howling great laughter.

Furious at the greed and ingratitude of the Hameliners, the piper, as he had done the day before, played a sweet melody over and over again, insistently.

But this time it was not the mice who were following him, but the children of the city who, carried away by that wonderful sound, were following in the footsteps of the strange musician.

Holding hands and smiling, they formed a long line, deaf to the pleas and cries of their parents who in vain, between sobs of despair, tried to prevent them from following the piper.

They achieved nothing and the piper took them awaySo far, so far that no one knew where, and the children, like the mice, never ever returned.

In the city only its opulent inhabitants and its well-stocked barns remained and well-stocked pantries, protected by its solid walls and an immense cloak of silence and sadness.

And this is what happened many, many years ago, in this deserted and empty city of Hamelin, where, no matter how hard you look, you will never find not a mouse nor a child.


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