How to prepare your baby for nursery school

How to prepare your baby for nursery school

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Although the ideal is for the baby to spend its first 18 months of life in a family environment, and not in nursery school, it is not always possible to leave the baby at home, because the family must live according to their circumstances. However, within the age and evolution of the baby, we can establish more favorable times than others to take the baby to nursery school for the first time.

The perfect time is before turning 8 months or after 18 months. The worst time is between 8 and 18 months, which is when the stage of 'fear of separation' between the baby and the adult of reference occurs and his fear of strangers begins.

1. Remember. If your option is to take the baby to a nursery school, you should:
- Don't feel guilty.
- Do not constantly try to please your child. With this we do not improve his education, he will become a spoiled and capricious child.

2. Reflect.Your attitude should be positive, we must think that:
- Your baby is doing well.
- The baby will have to share the circumstances that he has had to live in his family.
- You have carefully chosen the best place for your child.

1. Progressive incorporation: it is better if we have the opportunity to take the child to the beginning only a few hours. Each child has their own rate of adaptation and will need their time.

2. No rush in the morning: It is convenient to wake him up in time so that he can have a quiet breakfast and you can go to school without stress.

3. His favorite toy. Let the child bring his favorite toy, something that is familiar to him and keeps him connected to his home.

4. Goodbye with safety and joy. Avoid that the parting is prolonged in excess. You have to convey the security to the child that what you are doing is the best for him.

5. Positive attitude. Your attitude is very important. It is necessary to act safely, without doubt and without guilt. We should avoid telling lies like 'I'm coming right now'; We must also avoid affective blackmail 'don't cry that mom is going sad' and we should also avoid saying to her when picking her up 'oh, poor thing that mom has left you alone'. They must see us safe, and if we think that school is the best option we must convince ourselves of it.

6. Take you and pick you up personally. It is convenient that the mother or father go to take him and pick him up, at least during the adaptation period, and when you can. That will give you security. And you will get used to the change sooner.

7. Spend playtime at home. After leaving nursery school, spend time with the child playing with him. Encourage him to share with you the experiences he learns at school. And it shows joy and enthusiasm for their progress.

8. Continuity at home. Find out about the activities that are being developed in class: cards, new songs, seasons of the year, etc., to understand and enhance their acquisitions.

9. Consult doubts with the Infant School. Whenever you need to, talk to the professionals at the center about your doubts, your concerns and about any changes observed in the child. Trust the Center team.

10. Coordination with the Infant School. The aspects of the child's evolution must be coordinated with the professionals of the Center (removal of the diaper, pacifier, etc.).

11. Balanced diet. Try to take into account what you eat each day at the Center, in order to offer you a balanced diet with dinners at home.

12. Routines. It is essential that you have good routines at home.

The most important thing is that you prepare well for entering the school, that you search among all those in your area and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Go visit the center, meet the staff, see what aspects work and how they work, what activities they have, the number of children per classroom, the number of teachers-supports per classroom ... These are things that you should know to choose one or the other site.

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