Superhero dads who do everything for their children

Superhero dads who do everything for their children

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Children often consider their dad a hero. For them, he is that tall man, very tall (although he is not), with a powerful voice and big arms that protects and cares for them.

And how could they not be heroes, super dads They can carry their children for hours on their shoulders so that they do not get tired, they can make them fly by grabbing them by the waist, throw them up high and pick them up with their arms. They can get a little small and play like just another kid, be a great storyteller, or have the best shoulder in the world to lean on. But in addition, they are capable of other really extraordinary things.

Gissur Simoarson published on his Twitter a week ago some images in which a man appeared on the streets of Lebanon selling pens while his daughter slept on his shoulder. This photo went around the world and thanks to it, it was possible to locate the hero dad. He is Abdul Halim al-Kader, a Syrian refugee living in Beirut who is a single father of two children: 9-year-old Reem and 4-year-old Abdelillah.

Guissur excited by Abdul's story created a crowdfunding page to raise funds and help this dad. Within 30 minutes, it had already raised more than $ 5,000. The man was located and told what had happened. 'I feel like I'm in a dream. I still can't believe what has happened ', and that is your account is already over $ 175,000. A beautiful story of solidarity in which this dad can start over and give his children a better life.

How this story there are many others, they are little stories of great dads anonymous who do whatever it takes to help their children get ahead. They are exciting stories of overcoming, of strength, of perseverance, in short, of human greatness.

There are hundreds, thousands, millions of dads like Abdul who try to protect their children tooth and nail. Some of these dads have given us incredible moments that make us smile. This video is an example, it brings together several moments in which the dexterity, agility and instinct of protection of parents towards their children avoid greater evils. Super dads are able to avoid falls and bumps their little ones.

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