Positions to pass gas to the baby

Positions to pass gas to the baby

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Removing gases from the baby after feedings, that is, making him burp the air that has accumulated during feedings, is essential. Leaving it because he fell asleep or because there is a rush to leave the house is a mistake, the gases will accumulate and the baby will end up suffering from abdominal pain and will express his discomfort by crying.

This weekend I have been with my brothers-in-law and their one-week-old baby, Clara. After the standard questions about coming home with the baby, the mother's condition and the beginning of breastfeeding, the whole conversation about the baby revolved around one topic: infant colic.

What worries and overwhelms these new parents the most is not getting their daughter gassy well, not knowing the different techniques well or not knowing how to use them well.

My sister-in-law complained about having gone to the pediatrician with the girl because she was crying a lot because of the gases, but the doctor downplayed it and they returned home without a solution. I remember being in the same situation a few years ago.

You feel helpless because you cannot relieve the baby's gas and watch him wriggle in pain. We can use several tricks or positions to help the baby to remove gases:

- Sitting on your legs holding the baby's chin and with the other giving him patting on the back.

- Laying the baby on our arm. The head must be directed towards our elbow and our hand must cover the baby's tummy well. Once the baby is well positioned, we pat it.

- Holding the baby in your arms, placing him in a vertical position against our chest and patting him on the back. Remember to put a cloth over your shoulder because it might spit up.

- The previous system was very effective for me, but I was also taking small jumps to help the baby to burp. With this system, he got him to burp most of the time.

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