Porting for babies. Systems to carry the baby in arms

Porting for babies. Systems to carry the baby in arms

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The portage it is becoming more popular with moms. Not only is it a comfortable way to carry the baby so that you can have your hands free and do other tasks, carrying is very beneficial for the bond between mother and baby.

Carrying the baby can move more comfortably than with a car, it facilitates breastfeeding, allows us to get to know the baby better and calm his crying, helping him to sleep better. In addition, there are many ways to carry the baby in your arms, from the classic backpack to a simple scarf.

The advantages of carrying are widely demonstrated, so it is convenient to know them and learn what are the most comfortable ways to carry your baby. has collected all the information you need to carry your baby.

Tips for carrying the baby. Baby carrier backpacks are a very comfortable and safe accessory with which parents can do all kinds of outings and walks with their baby, without having to abdicate direct, full and affectionate contact with the little one. This accessory gives them freedom of movement and practicality in carrying out their multiple tasks.

Porting benefits. Bringing the baby close is a wonderful experience that creates a feeling of protection and the beginning of a close relationship between children and parents. Being so close to the carrier (mother-father), babies feel safer and more protected. The carrying transmits a lot of tranquility.

How to carry the baby on your back. Carrying the baby in less than a minute is possible. And the best thing about it is that anyone can do it. It is very simple! Do not miss the instructions of this African woman who carries her back to her baby. It makes it very clear to us how to do it very easily.

The baby carriers. Dr. Cesar García Fontecha, pediatric orthopedist, gives an exclusive interview to our site, answering readers' questions about the use of baby carriers. What benefits do baby carriers bring to babies as well as to their mom or dad.

Porting videos. Porting videos. Different ways of carrying the baby. There are many different types of baby carriers on the market. The choice of the baby carrier depends on the preferences of each person, the size of the baby or the comfort of the parents

Wear a scarf. On our site we tell you how to carry the baby with a scarf with a knot at the back step by step. One of the ways of wearing is to use a woven scarf. In this case, we will learn to place it by carrying the baby in front and tying a knot behind.

10 different ways to carry the baby. How to carry the baby with a scarf, backpack, caboo, pouch or mei tai. Carrying the baby in your arms using a carrying system is not only very comfortable for mothers and fathers, because it allows them to have their hands free to carry out any other action, but also has many advantages for the baby.

Different baby carrier systems. There are more and more types of traditional and modern baby carriers on the market. Despite the differences between them, when deciding on one in particular, we will have to check that it meets some basic principles. Different carrying systems, advantages for the baby and the parents, comfort and placement.

Celebrities who carry their babies. Carrying systems for babies such as backpacks, foulards and shoulder bags with which famous people carry their children. Photo gallery of celebrities carrying their babies in their arms, very close to their body. Carrying is a very positive resource to strengthen ties between parents and children.

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