Photographer records the meeting of parents with their adopted daughter

Photographer records the meeting of parents with their adopted daughter

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The moment when parents meet their baby for the first time is unforgettable and often indescribable. The emotion of the first contact, when they can see it, touch it and hug it, regardless of whether the child they have just held is biological or adopted. Proof of this are the images that the photographer Kristen prosser made friends David and Sarah Olson, while they waited to meet their adopted daughter. With the photos he took, Prosser managed to capture and express all the surprise and magic of the moment.

David and Sarah Olson, who already had two biological children, one 3 and the other 6 years old, have decided to have a third child in another way. The third ‘pregnancy’ of the couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, has taken longer than normal. After a year of the adoption process, it was time to meet her baby, who was named Tilly Pearl Olsen, in Florida. As a good friend, Prosser and her camera followed the couple on their journey, recording exciting images at the airport, in the waiting rooms and hospital room ... in short, capturing the moment of unbridled love as the father himself described it:

'As soon as I saw her, I knew she was our daughter. If you've ever had a child or seen a birth, that moment of recognition is very difficult to put into words. It is an unbridled and human love. That is the love we feel for this little baby. That's the power of adoption, 'said David excitedly.

The images captured by Prosser are a sequence of photos that teach the couple, from the beginning of the trip until they finally have their baby in their arms. The photos speak for themselves:

If you want to see more photos of this exciting meeting, David and Sarah Olson have them HERE, on its website.

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