How to introduce English to your baby

How to introduce English to your baby

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Today, all parents know the importance of introducing English to the baby and they are suffering an avalanche of information about the importance of our son being able to speak English in a bilingual way in the future. Therefore, we know a large number of reasons why the child should be bilingual and that a large number of benefits and advantages that bilingual education brings to children are still unknown.

When to start bilingual education? How to introduce English to the baby? How can parents help babies to achieve our goal? What are the important points in bilingual education in infants and children?

The ideal beginning is at the beginning, that is, from the birth of the child. Since the child begins his life outside of the mother's womb, his brain is collecting information from the world in which he lives in order to organize and prepare for the different situations that he will have to live in. During the first 10 months of life, the child's brain will collect the corresponding information to be able to separate noises, sounds and voices, in the case of bilingualism, they get to know that in the world there are different ways of speaking, and although they do not understand most of what they are told, your brain is preparing to understand in different ways, activating another part of the brain, not just one.

This tells us that in the first phase of bilingualism, we must introduce the baby in a natural way to English. It is best if a family member who has a lot of contact with the baby always speaks to him in English. At this stage, the advantage is that the quality of the English is not the most important thing, since the child is not paying any attention to the composition of the sentences or to the correct pronunciation. We can also rely on audiovisual material, although it will never be as effective as a person speaking directly to you and gesturing every word or gesture you make. We can use videos aimed at learning some specific topics and follow the dances ourselves so that they pay attention while listening to the parts of the body, the colors ...

Gesturing is one of the most important parts of any baby's learning, we must apply it in all phases of learning. Babies until they begin to understand have very few weapons to understand the people around them, the stronger the relationship, the child learns that "car"It's a car when for a few times we have repeated the word 'car ' when we were showing him a toy stroller, with a bit of intelligence, or even imitating the sounds that cars make. A Harvard University study, which took a large number of first-time parents, and after a follow-up of years, showed that the children who had begun to speak before were the most expressive parents of the group.

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