10 curiosities about babies that you did not know

10 curiosities about babies that you did not know

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If you have not had much contact with babies, you may think they are those pink, soft-skinned balls that gaze at their mother with wide, blue eyes. Just like in the television commercials.

However, the image of babies is not always so idyllic and less like newborns. What's more, everything they have told you about babies falls short, as they grow all is a surprise and a discovery. You would never have guessed it but babies ...

1. Babies have hair all over their bodies: face, back, arms, legs and even ... on the ears! It's called lanugo and it protects inside the uterus. Sometimes they lose it before they are born, they digest it and it is part of the meconium. Other babies are born with this hair, which is gradually falling out.

2- Baby girls can have a kind of menstruation, It is normal, when they are in the uterus they absorb the mother's hormones and cause slight vaginal bleeding, which disappears after a few days.

3- Some babies can produce milk: The mother's hormones can also cause milk to leak from the baby's nipple. Depending on the case, the pediatrician may recommend squeezing to remove it and thus prevent fat balls and pain from forming in the area.

4- Babies are born with very large eyes: They may not open very wide at first, but their size is 75% of that of an adult. For the rest of their life they will only have to grow another 25% to reach their maximum size.

5- Babies don't have tears: the reasons are not exactly known, although the most widely recognized theory is that the tear ducts are not yet fully open and tears cannot pass.

6- Babies have 70 more bones than an adultor: these bones tend to join as they evolve, for example the skull is made up of several plates (fontanelles) that end up coming together.

7- The baby pees inside the uterus: It may seem unpleasant since the baby also swallows the amniotic fluid, but it is renewed every 24 hours.

8- Babies can have erections: Of course, the stimulus is not sexual but a natural response from your body.

9- Some babies sleep with their eyes open: and also, you can see how they move during their sleep phase.

10- Babies have great breathing skills: They can instinctively block the entry of water if you immerse them in a pool, they can swallow and breathe at the same time and through smell they can recognize their mother even without seeing her.

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