Pregnancy can also cause cellulite

Pregnancy can also cause cellulite

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Although the actress Jessica Alba affirmed that she was delighted with her stretch marks and cellulite, consequences of her pregnancy, it does not seem very credible that someone who lives in a good part of her image, thinks that way, although her motherhood is the best thing that has happened to her.

The physical consequences left by pregnancy and breastfeeding are not always desirable, although we are delighted to pay that cost.

It is true that stretch marks or cellulite, as a consequence of a pregnancy, can mean something unimportant for many women, after the 'rush' caused by their motherhood, since, as the actress says: 'when we are happy and we feel positive Everything else doesn't matter. ' Many gynecologists consider that a woman's body reaches its full development after childbearing, so we can consider that these changes are the natural and normal evolution of our female body after having children.

There are different stages in which women are more prone to the formation of 'orange peel' or cellulite; puberty and pregnancy, as well as the use of oral contraceptives can cause an excessive concentration of estrogens, which conditions the appearance of cellulite, since high concentrations of this hormone can cause the fragility and porosity of the blood vessels that allow an accumulation of fluids and toxins in the subcutaneous cellular tissue.

Other causes are constipation, stress, poor diet, smoking, or lack of exercise. There are some foods that can help us in our fight against cellulite: strawberries kiwi and, above all, pineapple. These fruits can accelerate the repair of tissues, eliminating toxins and helping to retain fluids due to their diuretic effects.

We can also apply some natural and toning oils, such as rosehip oil which has a proven therapeutic action: regenerates the skin, promotes blood circulation, redistributes skin pigmentation, eliminating spots such as chloasma gravidarum and its use has preventive effects, in addition to activating the self-generation of melanin that can help us avoid aging premature produced by the sun.

The cosmetic actions of rosehip oil are: nourishing the skin, caring for sun damage, and moisturizing and cleansing the skin. Certainly our self-esteem can increase enormously with motherhood, but so does our physical appearance. We must take care of our body so that the undesirable effects that can appear during pregnancy and lactation are minor and we are happy with both our precious baby and our newly inaugurated mother's body.

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