How to make a balloon submarine. Experiment for children

How to make a balloon submarine. Experiment for children

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Submarines are capable of submerging and floating. But if you've never been inside one to check it out, you can create your own balloon submarine to find out why they are capable of doing it.

With this science experiment for children you will make a submarine using only three balloons, a nut and a bottle of water. You will see how the balloons go from the bottom to the surface in a matter of seconds.

  • 3 small water balloons
  • 1 large nut
  • 1 plastic bottle
  • Water

Tip: Use a nut wide enough so that the balloons are slightly loose and water can enter the hole.

1. Take three water balloons of the color or colors you prefer.

2. Put the three balloons inside a nut, letting the nozzles protrude a little.

3. Put the makeshift submarine into a bottle filled with water and then close it.

4. After closing the bottle, squeeze the bottom part with your hand. You will see how the balloons descend to the bottom and if you let go they will float to the surface again.

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