Is your baby's bathtub clean?

Is your baby's bathtub clean?

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The baby's bath is not only a time to take care of his hygiene, it is mainly a place of enjoyment, to stimulate him in contact with water, play with him or let him relax.

Bathing the baby requires specific care. We must hold him correctly or never stop monitoring him if he can already be seated, we must use the right products for his skin, control the water temperature ... There are several things to take into account. But, there is one that many parents miss: Are you really clean the baby bathtub?

During the first months of the baby's life, it is convenient extreme cleanliness with all your objectsThis is why we constantly sterilize baby bottles or pacifiers. Germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa) are present everywhere, even on the objects that the baby uses, also in his bathtub.

It is not about putting the baby in a bubble and not being in contact with anything. We live with germs and many of them help our body to function properly and also known as 'hygiene hypothesis' explains that being in contact with them helps generate defenses and fight against certain diseases. But there are some germs that also attack us, make us sick, and cause flu, colds, or intestinal problems.

Hygiene, in short, is essential to enjoy good health and avoid contact with harmful germs that could make the baby sick, how? mainly causing damage to your delicate skin, which could be attacked by fungi, for example.

We must therefore not forget to clean your bathtub with each use, therefore it costs nothing to follow these tips:

- After bathing always rinse the bathtub and remove all waste product: soap, shampoo or body oils.

- You can use a special sanitary detergent to clean it and rinse it very well after use.

- The solution must be applied with a damp sponge or scouring pad including interior and exterior.

- Remember to also review the bathtub drain, a place where cleaning product residue can easily accumulate along with germs and bacteria

- It is very important that we do not mix cleaning products because they could give off toxic fumes.

- Some people clean the bathtub with alcohol, however, this product does not destroy most bacteria, and of course, rinsing only with water, much less.

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