Beneficial teas for pregnant women

Beneficial teas for pregnant women

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Always pending that the pregnancy develops normally and trying to avoid the typical discomforts as much as possible, we have looked at the infusions, to which we must pay special attention to avoid unnecessary risks.

We tend to consider infusions as a harmless drink, but there are some like the Mint or chamomile that are not recommended when we are expecting a baby. On the contrary, we also find some beneficial infusions for pregnant women.

The question is inevitable, what infusions can I take during pregnancy? Logically, each person has different needs and in some cases pregnancy requires specific care. But generally speaking, these are the infusions that you can take while pregnant.

- Rooibos. This infusion that comes from a legume is a great help during pregnancy for its antioxidant properties that protect the defenses, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Furthermore, it is not a stimulating infusion, so it can be taken without any risk.

- Ginger. One of the main discomforts of pregnancy can be easily alleviated thanks to the infusion of ginger. We talked about the nausea and vomiting so characteristic of first months of pregnancy.

- Fennel. Fennel infusion is a safe way to prevent iron loss in pregnancy and reduces the risk of anemia. In addition, fennel favors digestion, sometimes difficult at this stage.

- Raspberry. This raspberry infusion is beneficial in the last stage of pregnancy because it helps to strengthen the muscles of the uterus and is especially recommended for postpartum.

Although infusions are becoming more frequent, the most common beverages are coffee and tea. Much has been said about the consumption of coffee and tea in pregnancy and the only agreement that has been reached is in moderation. The properties that these two drinks may have, on the one hand, are counteracted by the possible Adverse effects from excessive consumption during pregnancy.

Is tea better than coffee in pregnancy? As if the infusions were presented with the guarantee of a zero risk during pregnancy, many women substitute the usual coffee for a cup of tea when they are pregnant. And this is still a mistake, since tea is a stimulating drink which can also hinder the absorption of iron.

Acting with a minimum of common sense, the guidelines to follow during pregnancy regarding food and drinks are moderate but also varied consumption. Coffees, teas and infusions they are recommended as long as they do not become a continuous and excessive habit.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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