For each child, their mom and dad are the best

For each child, their mom and dad are the best

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Children often compete for who is the one with the best father, and it is that for each child his father or mother is the best, not because of the things that he pampers or gives them, but because of the things he shares with him and learns to his side. It seems like a clear lack of judgment on the part of our children, we are so many times far from being the best!

'My dad is the strongest, he's very good and always plays with me, he's very smart ...', 'My mom is the best mom in the world, she's very pretty, she takes care of me, hugs me and loves me a lot ... 'These are some of the niceties about us that come from the sincere mouths of our children. When we listen to or read them in their own handwriting, our faces light up, we are filled with satisfaction, tears come to our eyes, our batteries recharge, we know that despite our many mistakes or our inexperience, we are doing well.

Parents, even knowing that we have our limitations and that, sometimes, we act wrongly, we know how to get good results from our children, because when our child loves us, he usually learns and appreciates the good things that we give them, and he usually forgive us or be indulgent. with our many mistakes.

To be at the height of that podium where our children have placed the gold medal on us, without a doubt, we must fight to eliminate and learn from our mistakes, for this we only have to reflect on them and improve ourselves, as an infallible weapon to combat them. we have unconditional love for our children. Our merit is in loving our son for who he is, not for what we would like him to be, in the effort to improve in our paternal work, in recognizing ourselves as imperfect, but being on the path of perfection, in considering ourselves not so much teachers of our children, as well as students of everything that our little ones give us.

Not all parents have the same training, nor the same character, nor the same patience, but we can all achieve with our effort and affection that our son loves us, respects us and admires us. 'Yes, dad, you are the best!' If your child loves you, admires you, wants you to be by his side and wants to be like you, it will be for a reason!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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