How to educate children about the risks of the sun

How to educate children about the risks of the sun

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We all know that children's skin is more delicate than that of adults and that they must be specially protected from sun exposure. We have enough information to know that we cannot leave a child in the sun without sun protection.

However, the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap) considers that it is also necessary to educate children so that they themselves become aware of the importance of having healthy habits in terms of sun protection, to avoid burns, skin cancer or other injuries.

According to the AEPap, one way for children to know the risks of the sun is to carry out school and community campaigns so that from the youngest to adolescents they can understand to what extent they put their health at risk if they do not protect themselves adequately from sun exposure .

And it is that it is proven that all healthy practices aimed at minimizing sun exposure, which favor the use of sunscreens, clothing and glasses to avoid burns should begin as soon as possible so that children make it commonplace. Behaviors that are acquired early tend to last.

A practice that parents can do is not only to put sun protection on our children, but also to explain to them during the process why we do it and what could happen to them if they do not wear sunscreen.

- Blond children with blue eyes and fair skin require higher photoprotection

- The sand reflects the sun's rays so the exposure on the beach is more intense

- Repeated sunburns during childhood and adolescence can cause subsequent quantum tumors

- Using sun protection can reduce the risk of cancer in an adult by up to 78%

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