Child with hospitalized brother

Child with hospitalized brother

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Children who have a sibling in the hospital tend to suffer for two reasons: because they are afraid of their brother's illness, and because they do not have more attention from their parents who, in this situation, pay more attention to the sick child.

The reaction of a child to this situation will depend on how old he is, how long his brother is hospitalized, how long he has to be separated from his parents, the severity of his brother's illness, or whether or not you have had similar experiences before.

The little kids they often imagine terrible things about their brother's illness. Because of this, they may change some habits: they can eat or speak less, present alterations in their behavior, appear smaller than they are to attract attention.

Having a child in the hospital is a very difficult situation for parents, and even more so if they have other children at home. How to divide the attention? Children who are at home and also suffering from the illness of their brother who is admitted to the hospital, can be helped:

1- Explaining to them with affection, what is the situation of his hospitalized brother. How is he evolving, what are they doing to him in the hospital, etc.

2- Answering all your questions, considering how old you are and your level of understanding.

3- Don't fool them. Children sense when their parents are missing something, and they may feel cheated and cut off from the situation.

4- If possible, allow your children to visit their hospitalized brother, at least once a week.

5- Avoid, as much as possible, that the children who are at home feel abandoned. The moment you have for them, even if it is short, must be exclusive. You can play, talk and share your feelings with them.

6- In the event that the children cannot visit their brother in the hospital, encourages contact between them through letters, drawings, phone calls, etc. They will need this contact.

In order for parents to help their children in these situations, they must first take care of themselves. The stay of a child in the hospital and the wait for those who are at home, added to the obligations of work, travel, etc, supposes a great emotional and physical exhaustion. It is important for parents to take care of themselves, and here are some tips:

- Reserve some time of the day to rest. Leave the hospital, disconnect from everything, not even for 15 minutes.

- Sleep all you can.

- Do not forget to take care of your diet. Don't give up your eating habits.

- Seek support from friends, family, or parents' associations who are experiencing the same reality. Share your fears, anguish, worries. You will feel more relieved.

- Do not accumulate doubts about the evolution of your child. Talk to the doctor whenever you need it.

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