Hyperactivity is not a disease

Hyperactivity is not a disease

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In his day, Michael Phelps, one of the best swimmers in history, declared that he was a hyperactive child. But he also claimed to have taken ritalin, a psychostimulant drug prescribed for the treatment of children with ADHD, which was food for thought.

Experts insist that hyperactivity is not a disease. Its diagnosis is based only on the observation of the child's behavior, of behaviors such as inattention, distraction, impulsivity, disobedience and social adaptation problems, which are considered abnormal and inappropriate. If ADHD is not a disease, I wonder why drugs are prescribed to these children.

The retalin effectsAccording to some cases that I have been able to know, through psychologists, it is not always the expected one. It is causing very serious problems and even deaths. Many specialists prefer to use alternative therapies and other treatments for hyperactive children. They say that these children need someone to hold them, embrace them, and help them to think about themselves, and that they feel understood, loved, observed and valued in their abilities, and that they receive help to channel their enormous energy. Otherwise they will rebel feeling rejected and misunderstood. The experiences of people who ministered the retalin to their child say that this product facilitates the ability to focus on their tasks, especially at school. Its effect that previously lasted about four hours, now comes, in a new version, to last twice as long.

Everyone who lives with a hyperactive child knows perfectly well that coping with this problem is very difficult, generates a great headache and requires enormous patience, and perhaps that is why many families end up making hasty and premature decisions to medicate these children. If the solution is environmental, why not move in this field to solve and control the issue?

In his book The inventors of diseases, the German Jörg Bloch claims that never before has the myth of the hyperactive child been held so passionately as it is now, and that many pharmaceutical companies and some neurologists have worked for decades to present restless children with difficulty concentrating as sick children in need be medicated. Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and many other geniuses had ADHD.

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