Tricks to educate twins or twins

Tricks to educate twins or twins

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Parents of twins or twins have a very important mission ahead of them, which is to raising and contributing to the development of the personality of two different children, although they look like two drops of water in the case of twins.

It is common, when two babies come at the same time or when the siblings have been born very closely in time, to observe that the parents tend to treat them en bloc, which damages the development of the personality and individuality of each of them.

Accepting the special bond that exists between them and, at the same time, stimulating the individuality of each one is the key to raising twins, twins or siblings very closely in time.

Children have different needs, and sometimes you need to care for one more than another, although you should not feel guilty for that. If one is much more demanding, find individual time for the other. And above all, take security measures at home. Two babies are more resourceful than one alone and, furthermore, twins or twins start to get into mischief earlier.

The main recommendation of expert psychologists is that both parents and the rest of the family treat their twin or twin children as if they were two children of different ages, attending to the needs of each one in terms of character, tastes, needs and personality. To achieve this, it is important to keep in mind how to act:

Picture. The image that children have of themselves must be built from a young age to promote good self-esteem and they must clearly differentiate themselves from others. Therefore, avoid dressing them the same. With different clothes, not only will they look different, but this detail will help others not see them as a block, but as two different children.

Names. Avoid calling them by generic names like 'the twins' or 'the twins'. Ideally, call each one by name. Thus, you will avoid that at school or their friends refer to them in block.

College. At school, each one should be in different classes, even if they belong to the same school year. This detail will give them the possibility to each choose their friends and lead a different work, study and homework dynamic, as happens with siblings of different ages.

Birthday. Respect each other's individual invitations. Although it is common for others to invite both of you to the birthday at the same time, it is a good idea for each of you to attend the birthdays of your friends or classmates to give them more individuality. Only if the friend is both of you at the same time, you can study taking them together.

Rooms. Whenever possible, it would be ideal for everyone to have their own room so that everyone had their private space and their things arranged and placed according to their particular tastes.

Differences. Sometimes there is a tendency to distinguish twins or twins for their abilities by praising one and belittling the other by referring to them as' the clumsy or the clever ',' the lucky one or the jinx ',' the affectionate or the surly'. Spreading qualities can prevent one of you from developing fully.

Liberty. Freedom of choice is an aspect that must be taken care of when it comes to choosing clothes, books, music or games and toys. Often the gifts are even and identical, and in this matter, there will always be one that will take the lead and another that will be influenced. Parents must be attentive to enhance their individualities.

Extracurricular classes. Sports activities should cater to your tastes separately.

Blocks In order to give independence to each of the children, parents often distribute them to each other. The idea is good, as long as the same block is not always formed, that is, mother with child 1 and father with child 2. Frequently exchange these pairs so as not to make them stable and to establish erroneous dynamics. Along these lines, it is also advisable to exchange the places where they sit at the table and in the car.

Comparisons. Avoid making comparisons with a specific family member. Some experts consider it to be a way of programming the child to look like him.

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