Hercules and Atlas in search of the golden apples. Greek children's story

Hercules and Atlas in search of the golden apples. Greek children's story

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Greek mythology is full of fantastic stories full of imagination. Once adapted for children, it can be a very beneficial educational tool.

To make children happier, on our site we are adapting all the stories with mythological gods in the form of short stories for children.

In this story they tell us how the Greek hero Hercules goes to the ends of the world in search of the golden apples and how there he meets Atlas, a titan who was getting tired of holding the world on his shoulders.

Greek hero Hercules he spent his life facing hard jobs that the gods gave him. One of those jobs was getting a few golden apples, of those that the gods ate and that were found in a tree in the garden of the Hesperides, there at the ends of the world.

The task was not easy for Hercules and that he was a hero who could do anything. The first thing had to go to the end of the world because that was where the garden of the Hesperides was. Once there, he had to go into the garden and kill the dragon that guarded the apple tree in order to get a few golden apples.

At the garden gate he met the titan Atlas that he was holding the world ball on his shoulders.

- Hello HerculesWhat are you doing at the end of the world? - Told him Atlas while jets of sweat ran down his forehead from the effort he was making holding the world.

- I'm coming for some golden apples - he answered Hercules - why are you holding the world?

- So it doesn't fall off. Zeus has punished me after a strong argument, but I can no longer carry this weight - he said Atlas.

The Titan Atlas he was so tired of bearing the world on his shoulders that he thought of fooling Hercules to take his place.

- If you want, I'll go into the garden to get your apples, because you alone won't be able to kill the dragon. I am stronger - he said Atlas.

- Wow, thanks - he answered Hercules. And then Atlas took the ball out of the world, put it on Hercules on his shoulders and entered the garden.

While waiting for Atlas return, Hercules he realized the deception, but he was not willing to stay there for life, with all that weight of the world. Atlas He walked out of the garden smiling, with a few golden apples and was very determined to run away from there, but Hercules stopped him.

- Friend Atlas- He said - I think you've misplaced the world ball and I'm hurting my shoulder. Can you put it on me right?

Atlas did not see the trap and went to take the world to put it better Hercules. At that moment, the Greek hero stepped out from under the world ball and snatched the golden apples from Atlas. This is how everything returned to normal, the titan Atlas that holds the world so that it does not fall, and the hero Hercules traveling the world passing a thousand tests.

1. What task did Hercules receive from the gods?

2. Who did Hercules find at the gate of the Garden of the Hesperides?

3. What was Atlas doing in the garden?

4. What did Atlas propose to Hercules?

5. What did Hercules do when Atlas brought him the golden apples?

6. Do you think Hercules was nice to Atlas?

7. What have you learned from this story?

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