Tricks to save time in cleaning the home

Tricks to save time in cleaning the home

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The House cleaning It is essential for the proper functioning of the home. That everything is collected and in its place, as well as that everything is clean, contributes to the harmony of the family, in which children must also collaborate.

However, too much time is often wasted in homework and hours go by while everything that has become dirty and dislodged throughout the days is collected, cleaned and returned to its place. To get save time in housework it is possible.

1. Organization by zones: Doing everything at once will not reduce tasks or take less time, unless we combine the activities that need to be done. Establish the housework by rooms or areas of the home will make us focus on each of the things that must be carried out and not waste time going from one place to another if that detracts us. We can establish an order that brings together bathrooms and kitchen, and then go to the living room, dining room or bedrooms.

2. Organization by activity: If establishing the zones does not take us less time, we can organize ourselves by each of the things that need to be done: scrubbing, dusting, scrubbing the floor, vacuuming. We can do each of these activities in each room or area of ​​the house and then continue with the next one until the end finish all the corners at the same time of our home.

3. Cleaning tips: If we want to clean the kitchen countertop and the glass ceramic at the same time as the oven, the essential thing is to know little tricks that save time, such as soaking the tray that we have used in bicarbonate and vinegar, so that the dirt softens before And let's not spend too much time scrubbing afterward. The same happens with cleaning mirrors, they can be cleaned much faster with the help of water with a splash of white vinegar and they are shiny.

4. Simultaneous organization: Waiting for the washing machine or dishwasher to finish to do another activity only slows down the time we spend doing housework. If we need the whole house to be shiny in a certain time, it is convenient to put to work all the electrical appliances that we have to use, both those that they clean the clothes such as plates and glasses, to be able to dedicate time to other tasks, such as the maintenance of furniture, windows or bathrooms.

5. Previous order: The trick to not beating yourself up when cleaning is that you have to collect as little as possible. If we only have one day a week to keep the house shiny, it is best if there is less junk the better. That is, collecting what is used and doing more or less daily maintenance will make the day that you have to deep clean It takes much less time and does not waste so much time.

6. Ventilation: Although it does not save time at the time of general cleaning of the house, ventilation can help us to clean less deeply, or that the house does not get so dirty and therefore we do not have to clean much more. If we open the windows for a few minutes every day, the mites will disappear, neither will the toilet, the sink, and the kitchen become so dirty. This will save us time when cleaning afterwards.

7. Motivation: Doing housework is not a dish of taste for anyone, but if it is done in a lively way and with a good humor it will take less time. Stimuli such as radio, music that we like or television in the background can help everything to be done in a faster way.

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