7 tips to make children fulfill their dreams

7 tips to make children fulfill their dreams

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In We tell you what parents can do to encourage our children to achieve their dreams, and thus, their lives are filled with the greatest number of dreams come true.

But not only this, it is also important to instill in them the value of the effort and enjoyment that one feels when one did everything possible to reach a goal, even if it was not achieved, because, according to Matti Hemmi, a specialist in self-leadership, 'the important thing in life is not the destination, it is the journey'.

1. Believe in children: In addition to boosting children's self-esteem, it is important to nurture and believe in their dreams. It is important to support them in what they are excited about, even if it seems unattainable because it is the germ of the struggle to achieve what they want and it is also a good way to achieve good self-esteem.

2. Show affection: It is important to remind children each day how much we love them, even if we cannot see them. It is a way to help them focus on the good things and have a happy childhood.

3. Get up again: If the child complains because he has failed in something, help him to get the positive part of the path he has done. Don't tell him that he has failed, tell him that he is learning. Life is about 'rehearsal and learning'. If the child makes a mistake we can tell him that he can correct it to make it better next time.

4. Paint dreams: If the child draws, paints or writes his dreams, what he is doing is passing it from the subconscious to the conscious plane and it is easier for him to begin to believe that he can achieve it.

5. Don't be afraid of embarrassment: we must teach children not to be afraid of ridicule or what they will say. It is a way of teaching them to have confidence in themselves, an essential value to be able to fulfill their dreams.

6. Share your dreams with your children: It is important for parents to be role models so that children see that we also have dreams and try to achieve things that excite us.

7. Practice new hobbies: invite children to try new hobbies, sports, or activities. Exploring new paths is giving you clues about new passions and possibilities.

Matti hemmi

Self-leadership specialist

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