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24 beautiful names for boys and girls that mean gift from God

24 beautiful names for boys and girls that mean gift from God

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There are many mothers and fathers who think that the name given to a child has just arrived in this world has a certain influence on their way of being, their character and their personality. That is why more and more families are interested in the origin and meaning of the names they like the most before choosing one. Do you also believe in these theories? Yes it is, you should know that there is a series of precious names for boys and girls that mean gift from God. Read on and you will find out which one is going to become your favorite.

Returning to the issue that the name given to a newborn child can determine various aspects of his life, we cannot know for sure if they are right or are based more on hearsay. What we can tell you is that if you know in advance what is the meaning and origin of the names that you are shuffling to put your little one, you will feel much happier.

How about the idea of ​​your son having a male nickname meaning 'gift from God'? We are going to see the complete list and then you tell us which one is the most beautiful.

1. Theodore
It is a male nickname of Greek origin with a very widespread variant: Deodoro. It is also attributed the meaning of 'Gift of God'.

2. Matthew
It is a name for boys that has its roots in the variant of the English nickname Matthew, which, in turn, has a Hebrew origin, specifically the term 'Mattiyahu'. Its most widespread variant in Spanish-speaking countries is Matías, although the name of Mateo has been going strong, since it is becoming more and more common among children.

3. Nathan
This beautiful name originates from ancient Hebrew. In the Holy Bible is where we find its etymology in the concept of Natality. Natan, Natanael and Nataniel are its main variants, all of them have the same meaning: 'gift of God'.

4. Ionut
Romanian male name. They say of those who wear it that they are people of great vitality.

5. Bogdan
This original name for boys that also comes to say 'gift from God', is of Slavic origin. Do you like how it sounds? It is the choice of many families today.

6. Eldad
Eldad is a nickname for children of Hebrew origin. It can be translated by 'gift of God' or by 'person favored by God'.

7. Fedor
This nickname is of Russian origin. Its female version is Fedora. Both come to mean 'gift of God'.

8. Danya
It is a name for boys and also for girls, it is of Slavic origin and in addition to meaning 'gift from God' it also means 'the Lord is my judge'.

9. Eoin
It is a male nickname of Irish origin. Those who wear it are usually shy people with a big heart.

10. Hans
Surely you have already heard this male nickname more than once, it has become very fashionable in a few years. If this is also going to be your choice, you should know that it is a name of Swedish origin and that it means 'a gift sent by God'.

11. Vanya
It is the variant of the nickname Ivan, it is of Russian origin and can also be translated as 'God is grace and life'.

12. Tolek
Tolek is of Polish origin, it is a name with strength and a lot of personality, traits that are transmitted to those who bear this nickname.

13. Chioke
It is a most beautiful Nigerian name. This nickname is usually given to men as thanks to God for the gift received.

14. Zabdiel
Zabdiel is a nickname of Hebrew origin that has many variants such as Zabdy, Zabi, Zavdi or Zabad.

Once you have seen the names for boys whose meaning is 'gift of God' it is time to do the same with the nicknames for girls. Let's go there!

15. Seonaid
It has always been said that its origin is Gaelic and its meaning 'gift from God', although it also comes to say 'God is my glory'.

16. Aldora
Female name of Greek origin, means 'gift of God' and 'gift to the side of God'.

17. Jaantje
Name for girls of Hebrew origin. Do you like how it sounds next to the surnames your daughter is going to carry? This can be your choice!

18. Jasibe
Female name of Hebrew origin, beautiful and with great force, right? If you are looking for very original ideas to call your baby who is about to be born, this can be a very good option for your little one.

19. Itzae
It is a name for girls of Mayan origin. Its meaning is also 'gift of God' and it can be very good for any baby that will be born soon. As a variant, you can also name your child Itzayana.

20. Elizabeth
Did you know that this female nickname so popular in Anglo-Saxon countries also means 'gift from God'? Well yes, and it is also of Hebrew origin. If we translate this name into Spanish, we get to the pretty name Isabel.

21 Dorotea
It is a name of Greek origin. It should be noted that it has American variants such as Doris and Dorothy. How cute!

22. Heba
This beautiful name is of Hebrew origin. Its best known variant is Deva, a very original option for your little girl.

23. Joyce
It is a nickname for girls of Hebrew origin. Its meaning, in addition to 'gift of God', is 'joy of God'. With this beautiful meaning and such a positive message, it can be an option to consider when choosing your daughter's name.

24. Zaneta
Russian name for girls that, like the previous ones, means 'gift from God'.

And you? Which of these names do you prefer? Do you know any other names that also have this meaning?

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