The importance of educating children in love

The importance of educating children in love

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Children have to learn to identify their emotions and name them. Love is one of them. An emotion or a feeling that can bring happiness, harmony and joy to children. For all these reasons and for many more that I am going to tell you it is important to educate children in love.

Love is a positive emotion, although we could also say that it is a feeling. And it is that the emotion is something more impulsive, it is a reaction that arises with a change in the mood! Perhaps the stage of falling in love is more emotional, but calmer love also has a cognitive part and the feeling is the thought emotion, it is the reflection.

When you love a person, when you love your child or your partner, you want the best for that person. You think of the best for him or her, you give yourself unconditionally and you turn your back. It is a feeling that arises almost from abandoning your own needs based on the needs of the person you love, but always in balance, because poorly managed love can lead to emotional dependency.

Love is the healthy emotional element for the relationship between people. It is the ingredient that can not be missing in the growth of any child. An unconditional love, that I love you not for what you do but for what you are. And that when you do something wrong, I don't stop loving you, but I sanction your behavior and tell you 'I don't like what you've done', but I still love you.

Love must be manifested, not just felt. And that is where parents have to educate children. You can have a gesture of love through kindness. It is not only giving kisses and hugs, you can also express affection to people with whom you do not have as much intimacy through details such as opening a door or giving them a seat, offering them a glass of water ... even with resignations or assignments of yours in favor of the person you love.

AND love can also be expressed through gratitude. Giving thanks for all that you have and for all that other people give you. Because you have to make children see that love is not just objects, that there are many ways to express love and that they should also pay attention to those little details.

Listening is also a way of loving, and is that many families lack listening times. Lack of leisurely times, where you look the other in the eyes and say 'What's wrong?' All of these are ways of manifesting love.

Children must be taught to love, evidently with different levels of trust, closeness and affection between people most loved in the family or people more distant. Here parents have to be very respectful and should not force children to kiss anyone. The kiss is a gesture that should come out alone and forcing children to have an affective experience does them no favors.

It's good to feel love, but you don't always have to show it with great gifts. And that's what the story 'The Star Thief' is about, a story written by Begoña Ibarrola in her collection Think and Feel.

Jaime had a great friend named Claudia. Every day he tried to show her how much he loved him, but Claudia didn't pay much attention to him, until one day Jaime promised that he would do anything for her. To Claudia's amazement, Jaime promised to give her the moon, but Claudia laughed at him, because it was an impossible gift.

Jaime did not give up and went in a huge balloon to the sky until he reached the moon and talked to her. Maybe knowing how much she loved her friend, she would agree to go down to earth and light up Claudia's pretty garden. He did not imagine the response of the moon and what would happen next …….

This is a story to show the different ways that there are to express loveIn addition to being fun, it teaches us to value small gestures of kindness and affection, the details that make life more pleasant for all of us. It is not necessary to offer things as a sign of affection and love, there are other, more subtle and powerful ways that reach the hearts of people.

Jaime will discover them throughout the story and, above all, he will realize that he does not need to do extraordinary things for his friend to love him too.

The goal of all parents is for their children to be happy and, for this, it is very important that a fundamental ingredient for their development is not missing: love. Still, parents wonder if they are doing well and if they are passing on all that love to their little ones. How do I know if my child feels loved?

- A child who feels loved you feel safe, you feel relaxed and you dare to make mistakes, because he knows that he will not be judged.

- Launches into challenges stronger than the child who feels insecure, that is, dares to do more things.

- He knows that his parents support him and that they stand behind him if he needs something; that if he falls, they will help him up.

- A child who feels loved has emotional trust in parents, something that will help you grow. He will know that these parents, regardless of how they express love, will be a retaining wall and will always be with him throughout his life.

- The child who feels loved and loved he is a happier child, much more cheerful, much more vital, But that does not mean that I do not have moments of sadness. What will happen is that in those moments, he will know that his parents are there to give him a hand and get out of that pothole.

If parents do not give love to their child, the consequences will be felt in the long term, when he is an adult. That child will grow up with a deficit and will grow up wanting to be loved at all costs. What other traits are going to mark your personality?

- You will be a very dependent person of the affection of others. You will do things for others to see you and not for the satisfaction of doing them well.

- You will be an insecure person, you will not dare to love for fear of being left or for fear that they will not meet your expectations.

- He will be an adult for whom his love will have a price, love will not emanate.

- People who have grown up without love are not usually kind. That doesn't mean they are selfish, but kindness to others costs them.

- They are adults who are going to suffer a lot. They are noted to have emotional distress, such as a lack of emotional vitamins. A lack that they can carry throughout their lives.

- To be able to offer affection to another, they will have to go through a process to know from what point they are giving their love. If to obtain it, if to seek the reward or simply to love the other.

- Parents who have grown up with this lack of affection are very authoritarian. They do not know how to combine limits with affection.

Parents have the obligation to cultivate love in children from the time they are small and not withdraw it in adolescence because it is a more difficult stage or because they ask us to do so. In this way they will become loving adults and repeat that same pattern that they have seen in us. The child will bring unconditional love, gratitude, and kindness to others that will be returned.

He love and respect They are values ​​that have to be very present in the education of our children. We talk about expressing it and expressing it through kisses, hugs, gestures, but also stories! Here we present a selection of stories that you can tell your children at any time of the day.

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