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Day of saint Moses, February 7. Names for boys

Day of saint Moses, February 7. Names for boys

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Moses is a name for boy of Hebrew origin which means 'he who is drawn out of the waters'. It is a name that comes directly from the biblical tradition and although it is not very frequent, it is not extravagant or old-fashioned, so it can be ideal for your child. He celebrates his name day on September 4 (although some celebrate it February 7), which is the day of Saint Moses.

Are you having a baby and are you thinking of calling him Moses? It is a great option! It is a very beautiful name with a sacred origin. There are different dates throughout the year to celebrate the day of Saint Moses. Let's see some of the most relevant:

- We celebrate on February 7 Saint Moses of the Saracens
One of the most celebrated days in the world is February 7, in honor of Saint Moses of the Saracens. This saint had a life as a hermit, in which prayer and a humble life were his hallmarks. A little later, he was ordained a bishop and devotedly preached the religion to his followers. He was very loved by all and thanks to his works and his words he got the respect and affection of all those who listened to him.

- September 4 is the day of holy Moses the prophet
September 4 is also a special date for all families who have a child with this name. This is the day that is celebrated on the day of Saint Moses the prophet. This saint has been the one who has made this name so popular among babies.

His story is one of the best known episodes in the Old Testament of the Bible. Legend has it that Moses' mother had to deposit him when he was just a baby in a wicker basket in the waters of the Nile River. She did it to save him from the Egyptian soldiers, who followed the command to kill any Hebrew baby. The basket in which Moses went reached the family of the pharaohs, who raised the little one until he was an adult.

From there, the figure of Moses is presented in the history of religions as an authentic prophet, starring in episodes well known as leading the exodus of the Jews to the Promised Land, the tables of the ten commandments, the burning bush or the parting of the waters of the Red Sea.

- Saint Moses the Ethiopian is August 28
This saint, who you may also know as Saint Moses the Moor or Saint Moses the Black, was born around 330 in Egypt. It is said that he was a slave who, after escaping from his owners, became a bandit. In one of the escapes, he sought refuge in a monastery in Alexandria. After living for a while with the monks who welcomed him, he decided to leave all the bad life that he had led up to now and to ordain himself as a religious.

He went down in history as a martyr who rejected violence in every possible way. In fact, it was this defense of non-violence that triggered his death. And it is that he died at the hands of thieves who attacked his monastery.

The name Moses is used all over the world. The best known variants are the English Moses, the Italian Mose, and the Hebrew Moshe. And we also find it in Arabic in the Musa form.

It is a name that, curiously, does not have very frequent diminutives. Just as it is not usual to hear no female variant Of the name. These attributes make the name Moses a very special nickname for children.

Yes, we could mention some compound names that some parents have used when calling their children. Common examples could be: José Moisés, Moisés Jesús or Juan Moisés.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore that the figure of the prophet Moses has been very inspiring in the art world. And it is that there have been many artists who have captured it in different ways. We can't stop mentioning the impressive sculpture of Michelangelo, the painting by Frida Kahlo (also known as 'Solar Core') or the opera by Arnold Schonberg.

As for the famous people who have carried this name, we can mention the Spanish conductor Moisés Davia, the Chilean essayist Moisés Mussa or the Chilean soccer player Moisés Villarroel.

According to numerology, each name corresponds to a number, according to the sum of the values ​​of each of the letters that make it up. In the case of Moses we get the following: M (4), O (6), I (9), S (1), E (5), S (1). When adding all the figures we have 26 and if we add these numbers again we get Moses corresponds to the number 8 according to numerology.

The names of the number 8 correspond to very active and restless children. You will always see them moving from one place to another to satisfy their great curiosity. They are small who, in addition, are sociable and very nice with the people around them.

The name Moses implies a cheerful and optimistic character, something that leads him to strive in everything he undertakes, in the confidence that he will achieve success. Moisés is also a sociable, nice and friendly child, with a great facility to stand out among his group of friends. A leader by nature, Moisés is not afraid of taking on responsibilities and commitments.

If you like Moses to call your baby by his sacred origin, you may also like these other biblical names that can inspire you to choose what to call your baby. Here are some suggestions.

  • David. David is a beautiful name that also comes from the Bible and that means 'the one who is loved'. Also, you should know that its origin is Hebrew. His saint is December 29.
  • Aaron. Among the beautiful biblical names we come to Aaron. It is a name that could have Egyptian origin and that means 'the enlightened one'.
  • Gabriel. This is the name of the angel who announced to the Virgin Mary that she was pregnant with the Messiah. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'man of God'. Celebrate your birthday on February 27.
  • Joaquin. Do you like this baby name that is loaded with tradition? It is a name with a lot of history that refers to the name of the grandfather of Jesus and father of the Virgin Mary. It is a Hebrew name that means 'he who will build'. His saints are celebrated on July 26, grandparents' day, along with Santa Ana, who was the grandmother of Jesus.

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