How to promote the value of love in children

How to promote the value of love in children

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Children tend to be reserved when it comes to showing love for others. Promote the value of love in children It must be something that must be done with care, since, although it is one of the most rewarding values ​​that we can instill in them, we cannot force the child to feel something that they do not feel. We leave you some guidelines, tips, songs and phrases to promote the value of love to your children.

That a child is affectionate is not always easy. We parents love that our children are affectionate with us and with others, so many times we try to instill that value in children without success. And here parents have to learn that love is not bought and that the child, when he is ready and feels like it, will have gestures of affection towards us or towards another person.

We also have to learn to 'not force children to kiss anyone'. If we insist on it, the only thing we will achieve will be to create a rejection of that person in our son and, on the other hand, he will maintain an introverted and distant attitude and keep the love for himself.

Once we take this into account, we are going to give you some ideas to instill the value of love in children in your day to day:

- Be an example of love. It is important that you never lack kisses and hugs and that you also respect their moment. Maybe someday, for whatever reason, he doesn't feel like giving love.

- Connect with your child and disconnect from the mobile. Give him a little of your time whenever you can so that that bond that binds you from the first moment you looked at each other becomes stronger and grows.

- Show your children that who cares, loves too. And the thing is that one way for them to see how you feel about them is through those moments (the least possible, yes) in which they are ill and you get up at midnight. Or you spend an entire afternoon finishing up her costume for the school's Carnival show.

- Invite your children to empathize with this emotion. This may sound a bit crazy, you can do it through stories, poetry, movies ... If you find something to see about love and tell them about it, your child will visualize this emotion in a very graphic way.

- Teach him the power of love. Explain that love forgives everything and that, even if he makes mistakes or has a bad behavior at school or a bad behavior with a friend, you will still love him. Of course, he also has to understand that this attitude is going to be sanctioned, but that you are never going to stop loving him.

- That cultivate his own love. It is not a question of raising arrogant, selfish or self-centered children, but of making the child see that if he does not love himself, it is very difficult for him to transmit love to others.

- Motivate your children to show their love more. How about you catch him doing something he likes? Surely later he will want to return this gesture of affection and affection that you have had towards him and think of something that you may like.

- Celebrate love. Celebrate as a family everything you do (a meal, a trip to the countryside, a game of Parcheesi at home ...). Don't hold back!

Do you know what a child really needs to be happy in childhood and to develop successfully later in maturity? Love! Only that! We have already explained above how can you give love to your children and how you can do to encourage this feeling / emotion in them.

Now we are going to tell you why to give so much love: why it is so important that a person feel loved and receive love; and it is that love is the key food for the brain of a child. If the Beatles already said it: 'All you need is love'.

- Love makes the brain grow. From the beginning (even since your little one is with you in your gut) the love you give him will determine his development. And it is that the growth of your little one has to do with something more than the food he eats and the exercise he does. Love affects you too.

- The child's self-esteem increases with love. A study of high school students found that the more a child feels supported by their parents, the stronger their self-esteem. In particular, this has a great impact on girls, who need a little more outside support. Believe in your son and he will believe in himself.

- Love makes children healthier on the outside and inside. Loving your kids not only makes them smarter and more confident, it even makes them healthier. An abused child has a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol problems, diabetes, heart disease or strokes.

- A child's school performance depends on love.We try many different things to help our children succeed: we take them to the best after-school classes to strengthen their minds, we 'push' them to work hard, and we constantly encourage them. However, what really makes a difference is believing in them and their abilities. Only then will they be able to develop their qualities, their talent and achieve great goals.

What would happen if we put the stories and love together? What if we combine love with poetry? A perfect combination arises so that parents can transmit this value to our children in an educational, playful and didactic way. Do you like the idea?

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