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The trunk of the costumes. Carnival tale

The trunk of the costumes. Carnival tale

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Carnival arrives and many children, as well as their parents, start looking for an idea to dress up and have fun. Carnival is a party in which we can stimulate imagination, fantasy and creativity, not only in costumes but also in makeup, in music and dance. Children's stories are an excellent resource to teach values ​​that children can also learn at Carnival. This Carnival tale, entitled 'The trunk of the costumes', is an example of it.

Maria had been chasing her mother for several days with a single request: she needed a costume for Carnival. He approached her at all hours, but her mother always had an excuse for ignoring her: I have to do homework, I have to prepare dinner, now I am going shopping, your little brother needs me ...

There were only 5 days left until the school party and Maria still had nothing to wear. Four days after the celebration, her mother was still busy and was not helping her with the costume. When there were only 2 days left, Maria couldn't take it anymore and began to cry uncontrollably.

- What's wrong Maria? - asked his mother.

- Mom, I've been asking you for a costume for my Carnival costume party for several days and you don't listen to me! - The girl protested through tears.

The mother felt really bad for not paying attention to her, but she had a solution that would put a smile on Maria's face again.

- Let's go to Grandma's house, I have never taught you, but in the attic there is a very special trunk. We keep all the costumes that Grandma made for me when I was little, and there are many because I loved to play dress-up. You are going to love them - said the mother - they are beautiful.

Maria's eyes, even with tears, widened when she heard the magic words: trunk and costumes. Maria and her mother went to her grandmother's house. When Abu opened the door, Maria stormed past almost without greeting and took the steps two at a time to the attic.

Her mother ran after her and Abu followed impatient to know what was happening. The mother removed some boxes and an old wooden chest appeared before her eyes as if it were a pirate treasure. When I opened it, little costumes appeared, all of them neatly folded but with a certain smell of mothballs.

- I want to try this dancer on - said Maria. But a few seconds later he realized that it was huge.

"I'll try this clown one," he insisted, although he had lost his colors and looked a bit faded.

- Ah, this is a princess! - He shouted with enthusiasm, but he couldn't get inside because he was too small.

Maria was losing patience and illusion as she took out one and the other costume and saw that none of them fit the Carnival dress she wanted. She had sat on the ground desolate when her mother said aloud:

- My fairy costume!, Mom's eyes seemed to be 7 years old again as she pulled out the small package that was left at the end of the trunk.

When it was opened, beautiful wings came out that perfectly preserved the glitter and the drawings that Abu had made so many years ago. How many times had she put on those beautiful wings and imagined she was a fairy who could do magic wherever she went.

Maria got up from the ground with agility and ran to put on wings.

- I am a butterfly ... I am a fairy ... I am a fairy butterfly, - said the girl laughing as she ran around Abu and his mother.

Maria did not remove her wings all day, in fact, her mother had to convince her not to sleep with them, they would not spoil. The day of the Carnival party at school was one of the best for María, she did not care if her friends wore colorful new costumes of lion, astronaut or fairytale characters. She was the happiest girl in the world with her magical fairy butterfly wings and she did not stop waving her magic wand trying to make her friends' wishes come true.

But the story doesn't end here, do you know what happened after the party? Shhh, don't tell anyone: Mom took the wings, put them on and looked in the mirror. For a moment he seemed to see that girl who dreamed of doing magic.

Did you like this fabulous story? Read it right on the days when you are looking for the costume that your child will wear at Carnival It will be great, because you will immerse yourself in history. However, this children's story is a good way to spend an entertaining time with the family at any time of the year and even practice reading comprehension for the little one.

To this end, here are some very useful exercises. Remember that it will be necessary that you adapt them to the age and knowledge of your child to be really effective.

Reading comprehension questions
We begin this small compilation of exercises with some reading comprehension questions. If your child has paid attention to the story, he will be able to answer them without problem.

Why was Maria distressed?

What did the mother say to encourage Maria?

What made Maria happy?

What did the girl dress up as in the end?

Why do you think the mother liked trying on the fairy wings too?

And to continue working with this Carnival tale, below we propose other entertaining exercises based on reading.

- Guess the character in the story
In this story there are few characters, but they can lead you to propose a fun game to your child. Your little one will have to choose one of them and, without saying the name, will have to describe it according to what history has told us about it. You will have to guess which character it refers to. In the next game, you can do it the other way around: you describe and your child finds out the character.

- We seek an alternate ending to the story
In the story of 'The Disguise Trunk', Maria ends up choosing the butterfly fairy dress and goes to school very happy. However, what would have happened if he hadn't found this costume? Should she have worn the ballerina, which was too big for her? Had she made the dress herself? How did the friends have received Maria when they saw her in her mother's costume?

The above questions are just ideas that could help you create an alternate ending to this story. With this exercise we check if the child has paid attention during the reading (since he has to continue with the story) but we also stimulate his imagination and practice his oral expression (or written if we ask him to write the new ending for the story).

We chatted about Carnival
This story is set in Carnival, so it can give us the opportunity to talk about some topics related to this holiday. Here are some ideas for questions that you can use to guide the conversation with your child.

Do you know why we celebrate Carnival? (The origin of Carnival remains unknown. It is a festival that has been celebrated for many many years and is still very much in force today. It seems that originally it was a pagan festival to celebrate good harvests, but ceremonies with a certain spiritual character were also held in relation to natural cycles).

And why is each year celebrated on a different date? (The date of Carnival changes every year because it depends on the liturgical calendar which, in turn, changes according to the cycle of the moons, the same as the dates of Holy Week).

Do you know where the word 'carnival' comes from? (It comes from the Italian carnevale, which comes from the Latin expression carnem levare, whose meaning is related to the fact of not eating meat).

What do you usually dress up as at Carnival?

What did you like the most in this story?

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