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Saint George's Day, April 23. Names for boys

Saint George's Day, April 23. Names for boys

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Jorge is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'he who works the land'. It is a name with an ancient and varied tradition, as its popularity is due to both Ancient Greece and the later Christian legend of Saint George. It is one of the most frequent names, and it is one of those names whose success remains unrelated to fashions, being one of those preferred by parents in all historical eras. Celebrate your birthday on April 23, which is the day of Saint George.

You may have come here looking for a very nice name for your baby boy who is about to be born; Or maybe this little one has already been born and you want to know what day his saint is. In both cases we will tell you that Jorge is one of the most beautiful names for boys that you are going to find. Why? Because it sounds forceful and powerful, because its meaning is humble and simple and because it reminds us of the history of Saint George.

The saints are reserved for April 23 as the date of his saint, in honor of Jorge de Capadocia. He was a Roman soldier who lived in the Cappadocia region (which is now Turkey) around the year 280. As you already know, Saint George is one of the best known martyrs of Christianity. It is said that thanks to his great charisma and leadership skills he became a high command of the army when he was very young. However, he died very young when he was subjected to torture for not wanting to participate in the Roman persecution of Christians. He preferred to defend his religion despite the fact that this led to his beheading.

For his martyrdom but also for the different legends that have been gestated throughout history for his nobility and bravery, Saint George is one of the most venerated saints in the world. It is even spoken of in the Muslim Quran as Al-Jidr.

His popularity has reached many countries in the world where he is revered. Did you know what it is the patron of england? He is also considered the patron of farmers, soldiers, mountaineers, and blacksmiths. Furthermore, many people also consider you the protector of pets. It is very loved by all!

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There are almost as many variants of the legend of Saint George as there are people who tell it. However, if all the stories coincide in something, it is in the great courage of the saint. Already during the Middle Ages the tale of Saint George and the Dragon which, according to experts, could be the origin of the myth of the knight who saves a princess from a dragon that has been repeated so many times in different books.

Legend has it that a huge dragon (or serpent, according to the legend) had terrified an entire people. The terrible creature made its nest in the village fountain, so no neighbor could approach with his jug to get water. Anyone who gathered the courage to get close, even a little bit, ran the risk of taking a blaze from the dragon.

Tired of the situation and dying of thirst, the villagers decide to honor the dragon with a human sacrifice. In this way, he would no longer be hungry and would let them get closer to the source. To decide who was going to be the sacrifice for each day, they would do a lottery. What was everyone's surprise when the name that came out in the raffle was that of the princess. They all said that, being the princess, they had to repeat the draw, the dragon couldn't eat her! However, she wanted to fulfill her responsibility.

Fortunately, just before the princess fell into the dragon's jaws, Saint George came to save her. After a fight with the reptile, he managed to stick his sword into it and free the princess and the people. And where the sword struck him, blood began to flow into a beautiful rose bush. Long live Saint George!

As we have told you, December 23 is Saint George's Day. But if we talk about this date we cannot fail to mention that it is also Book's day. This date is not accidental and it is a very 'literary' day. Many writers were born or died on this date (or a few days before or after): Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Garcilaso de la Vega, Josep Pla, Mejía Vallejo, Maurice Druon ...

Book Day is a day that is celebrated all over the world by organizing different activities: fairs, readings aloud, concerts, plays ... Everything to encourage reading and to realize that books are a great treasure! !

In cities like Barcelona (Spain) the day of the book is also related to Saint George or, in this case, to Sant Jordi, which is the name of this saint in Catalan. In Sant Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia, it is customary to give a rose, representing the legend of Saint George and the dragon, and a book.

After knowing a little more about San Jorge, we are going to discover some of the curiosities about this name for children.

1. Variants of the name in the world
The name Jorge enjoys great popularity throughout the world, so we find numerous variants that can satisfy your child. Its variants in Catalan, Jordi, and in Basque, Gorka, as well as French, Georges, are very popular. We also find the forms in German, Jurgen, English George, Greek Giorgos, Italian Giorgio, and Russian Yuri very attractive.

2. Feminine form and diminutives
We could mention Georgina's name as the female version of George or Jorge. Much less frequent is the name Jorgelina. The diminutives of this name are not common. It is usually more common to use variants in other languages ​​such as George or Jordi.

3. Famous people named Jorge
To name just a few personalities named after your son, we can mention the American actor and one of the most attractive men on the planet, George Clooney, the glamorous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, the pioneering Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin or the writer Argentine Jorge Luis Borges.

Numerology designates the number 1 to the name of Jorge. To arrive at this figure we must add the value of all the letters that compose it. That value is determined by the position they occupy in the alphabet. Thus: J (1), O (6), R (9), G (7), E (5). When we add it all together we have the number 28 which, if we add its figures, it gives us 10; if we add again, it gives us that the number for Jorge's name is 1.

All the little ones of the number 1 have, according to numerology, great leadership gifts. They always take the initiative so that all their peers accompany them. His curiosity and charisma are his best cover letters.

By the meaning of his name, Jorge implies a strong and enterprising personality. With a vigorous character and a great capacity for work, Jorge accompanies his qualities with a shrewd intelligence and great intuition. In addition, Jorge has an enigmatic touch that makes him a true seducer. Brave and hard-working, Jorge does not hesitate to use all the means at his disposal to protect his people.

If you are going to call or have already named your baby Jorge, congratulations! You have made a good choice! Just remember that April 23 is the day of his saint in honor of Saint George.

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