Games with cardboard boxes to stimulate children's imaginations

Games with cardboard boxes to stimulate children's imaginations

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Today's consumer society leads us parents to buy excessive toys for our children that often end upstored on the shelves and drawers in the room.

However, psychologists warn: children who have too many toys in addition tobecome capricious and lose the illusion For gifts, they do not stimulate so much the imagination as those who seek free play.

Therecycled cardboard boxes They are one of the best toys to stimulate children's imagination. Those cardboard boxes that we have at home from the weekly shopping, the shoe boxes or roll of kitchen or toilet paper, offer endless play possibilities to stimulate children's imaginations.

Dollhouses, medieval castles, racing cars ... the imagination has no limits when it comes totake advantage of cardboard boxes.

We just need a little paint, some markers, scissors and let's get to work! We can help children make amazing games with cardboard boxes so that the children have guaranteed fun for a couple of days.

1- A house for the dolls
With a shoe box we can assemble a loft for dolls, or a school with blackboard and everything. And, if we want to complicate the craft a bit more, we can join several boxes with tape and set up different rooms.

2- Race car
To a large box, where the child fits inside, we can add four cardboard plates as wheels, and another that will serve as the steering wheel. It only remains to paint the doors and the stickers with which we want to decorate our racing car and start imagining the rest.

3- medieval castle
If we are lucky enough to get a fridge box, we can build the tower of a medieval castle or of princesses. We will cut the upper part to make the battlement, and we will open a small window and a door through which to access our defensive tower and wait for the rest of the cavalry.

4- A theater or a television
By cutting out the front of the box, and putting some curtains on the sides, we can have a funny theater to use with the puppets. The decoration depends on each one. If the box is not too big it might be better mount a television with a big hole in front where you can stick your head out and present the news.

5- A stove or an oven
The medium boxes are perfect for setting up kitchens or ovens. You can add a little eva rubber to make the burners and oven buttons.

6- Ball swallower
This is a very fun game that you can make just by poking a few holes in the front of the box, a little bigger than one. tennis ball. Paint each edge of the hole in color and throw the balls from a distance, let's see how many you can put in the holes!

7- Robot costume
Take several small boxes, one will be for the head, others for the arms and legs. Do not forget to decorate them with silver foil and all the colored plugs that you find around the house, cables or pipe cleaners, and of course, make a hole to breathe.

A soccer field made from the lid of a cardboard box. If your children like to play soccer, it would be nice if you taught them how to make this fun craft at home. A game made with their own hands: a soccer field made from recycled material. An easy and simple craft for which you will only need a shoe box and something else.

Foosball made from a cardboard shoe box. On our site we propose you to make a homemade table football using recycled material. A very easy and fun craft with which children will make their own toy. With just a cardboard box and some scraps of paper you can do it.

Play kitchen made with cardboard boxes. How to make homemade recycling toys. We propose you to make a toy kitchen with cardboard for children, a recycling children's craft to teach children to create their own games with recycled material.

Car parking made with cardboard box. A car park, made from a cardboard box. How many toy cars do your children have scattered on the ground? To organize them on our site we are going to teach you how to make an original car park in a very simple way and using recycling material.

Fantasy castle made with a cardboard box. How to make a castle out of a cardboard box. All children enjoy the tales of princes and princesses who live in castles ... and now, thanks to this simple cardboard castle children's craft, they can live their adventures.

Robot costume made with cardboard boxes. The costumes are very fun for children, they do not miss a chance to put them on and you can make them at home with children's crafts like this recycled robot costume with cardboard boxes.

Train made with cardboard boxes. On our site we have made a beautiful toy train using different types of recycling materials: egg boxes, toilet paper roll, plastic caps and cardboard boxes.

A racing car made with a cardboard box. For children who love cars, we propose an original recycling craft on our site. Learn how to make a racing car craft out of paper rolls step by step.

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