The two goats. Short story for children about stubbornness

The two goats. Short story for children about stubbornness

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This beautiful fable by Aesop deals with two great characteristics, very common among people: stubbornness and stubbornness. The fable of The Two Goats is a good resource to teach children the consequences of being stubborn or stubborn.

Tells the story of two goats who dreamed of living in freedom but because of their stubbornness they ended up having a bad experience. Fables, as well as their respective morals, are a good resource to educate children on values.

Once upon a time, there were two goats who, eager to live in freedom, abandoned their respective herds and went down the mountains, on different sides, to the bank of a river.

By a strange coincidence, the two goats met on different sides of the river, separated by a tree trunk that bridged the width of the river.

The trunk was too narrow and only one animal or person could pass through at a time.

The two goats looked at each other, and because they were stubborn and stubborn, they decided to move along the trunk at the same time.

As they crossed the log, the two goats found themselves face to face with the middle of the log. But neither of them wanted to give way to the other.

And there they stayed for hours and hours without any of them going back, until at a certain moment, the trunk began to break due to the weight of the goats, and they ended up falling into the river.

Moral 1: It is wiser to cooperate than to be stubborn.

Moral 2: Stubbornness and stubbornness are bad companions.

After reading the fable with your child, help him understand the message of the text by asking the following questions:

- Why did the two goats decide to abandon their herds?

- When they reached the river bank, what did the two goats do?

- Why couldn't the two goats go through the log at the same time to cross the river?

- How could you prevent the two goats from falling into the river?

- What lesson can we learn from that story?

What can we do if the child is stubborn
It is normal for the child to get angry, question things and try to impose his criteria, but this attitude should be prevented from becoming something natural in his way of being. It is important that the sooner the stubborn attitude is corrected the better, since the older the child is, the more difficult it will be to do it. To achieve this, we can follow the following tips.

- To prevent. If we know that the instruction that we ask the child is going to frustrate him, it is better that 5 minutes before he is notified of what he is going to have to do. Thus, we will make their stubbornness less intense and avoid a tantrum.

- Be an example. It is important that parents lead by example, because if they see, for example, that they stop eating something because they do not like it, they will decide to do the same.

- Avoid negative messages. It is important that adults avoid negatives. If no is used to avoid the child's stubborn behavior, the situation is aggravated. It is better for parents to explain the consequences of the child acting in such a way before using a no.

- Use calm. Stubbornness appears as a normal stage in childhood, so it will be better to take this situation calmly and avoid getting angry with the child.

- Avoid punishment. It is better not to use punishment as a consequence of their behavior. Better to show the child that it is convenient for him to obey. There is no use in prohibiting without explaining. Children want and need to know why they cannot do what they want and that it is better to pay attention to what the adult tells them.

- Negotiate. Through persuasion it is possible to avoid uncomfortable situations. It is about using negotiation to redirect your stubbornness and make the situation easier for all parties. Options can be offered allowing the little one to choose and make decisions. Thanks to this, you will feel more control and freedom, which will make you willing to collaborate and overcome your stubbornness.

- Positive messages. There are issues that are not negotiable. In this case, it will be better to use messages that guide the child in a positive way than to give orders and impose.

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