15 fun games to do with children while we walk

15 fun games to do with children while we walk

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Family walks are wonderful. Surely you have not stopped to think about it until now, but that going for a walk with your children makes the mind clear, the ideas flow and the love breathes. However, as we know that children are restless by nature, they will not be able to walk and walk, what are we going to need? We have it: 15 fun games to do with the children while we walk.

Go for a walk without thinking about anything else, get some fresh air, clear our mind of all the tasks, jobs and duties that we have done at home and being able to connect with ours is something that is priceless, true? Doctors and pedagogues already say it and collect in the report 'Children's education in the open air', prepared by the International University of La Rioja, 'children's learning is greater and more effective if a proposal is included in the open air'.

What happens then if we can't go to the park or play with friends? Inspiration has come to us, taking one of those walks, so neither short nor lazy have we got down to work to put it on paper. You will see that we have come up with such cool ideas!

1. Who gets here before there?
This game is so simple that children will love it. It is about proposing to see who is the first to arrive, for example, from the beginning of this street to the end. By the way, you can also be one of the participants in the improvised race and you take the opportunity to do a little exercise.

2. I see I see ... what do you see?
Well, a little thing that starts with the letter ... Yes, dear mom, the lifelong games that you also played with when you were little are perfect to do with your children while you go out for a walk. I play many times with my daughters, we even create our own rules and think of objects that we are not really seeing. It is super fun!

3. Explorers! Tell me 5 things that you see that start with the letter A
As the thing is to play with the little ones and incidentally to learn things and acquire new vocabulary, how about proposing them to say 5 things that they see that start with this or that letter? You can also tell them to say the letter and be the one to think of those words.

4. The Daisy Game
Spring is the season of flowers, so, no matter how much you live in the middle of the city, surely many flowers are hidden on your walk. The idea that we have come up with is to play to see who takes 3 daisies or 3 colored flowers. Once we have overcome this part of the challenge, we can undo the margarita and make a wish aloud or softly, I have already thought of my wish!

5. A most special made up story
This game is perfect for boys and girls with great imaginations and great writing skills. It consists of making a word story. To make it easier and also more interesting, we can say 4 words that must be included in the story. We can also do the story together, one starts talking, when he wants to stop and the next one must continue.

6. Shall we sing a song?
Neither music nor spectators, to bring out all the talent that we carry inside we just have to put a lot of desire into it, so you know, when you go out this afternoon for a walk with your children, start singing a song, you will see how little it takes them to join.

7. Guess, guess
Another great idea to hang out with the family for a walk is to play guessing games. We can do the usual or we can invent some, we just have to give free rein to our ingenuity.

Are you liking the ideas of games to do with children when we go out for a walk? Well, wait, there is still more. They are simple games that can be done in words, very fun and that also have a positive teaching for the little ones. They are all advantages!

8. Chained words
Have you ever played chain words? One says a word, for example, house, and the other has to say a word that begins with the syllable that ended the previous one, in this case -sa, for example, toad. What is a cool hobby? Well, it is also ideal for children to acquire vocabulary.

9. Say the first thing that comes to mind
Tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say a word, for example 'summer' or 'castle'. You will have to say whatever comes to mind, like this, without thinking. Laughter assured!

10. Jump on the limp
Not everything was going to be word games, you also have to do some exercise, so, get ready! The time has come to jump on the loose for a minute at a time.

11. Do we dream together?
Where would you go if you could fly? What if you could travel to the past? Ask the children questions like these, you will be able to know a little about their dreams and how wonderful their imagination is.

12. This afternoon touch personal toys
For a different afternoon outing, whenever possible, tell your children to take a personal toy: the rope, the ball, the spinning top, a chalk ... I'm sure everyone has a great time along with them. They see the importance of valuing the little things in life.

13. Shall we prepare a craft?
Like what a craft? But weren't we going for a walk? Yes, but we can also collect flowers, stones, a few leaves ... and make a craft, a drawing or even a collage with them when we get home. We already have the whole afternoon super busy!

14. The secret game
It will seem complex, but you will see that you immediately get the idea. You think of something, for example, people who wear a short-sleeved shirt and, every time you see one, you have to say a specific word out loud, in this case we can use 'spring'. The other participants should know by observation that you have thought of people wearing short-sleeved shirts.

15. Hush, it's time to listen
Have you noticed that birds always sing? Or that there is a cat that meows every morning? It only takes a few minutes of silence to discover the sounds that are around us. This may be the best activity to end our daily walk.

Who said that walks in the street were boring!

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