Encourage children to read biographies. 6 benefits of these stories

Encourage children to read biographies. 6 benefits of these stories

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Reading has a lot of benefits for the child's brain, not only because children learn things, entertain themselves and helps their minds to be active, but because reading also turns out to be the best way to improve empathy and creativity. Did you know that, depending on the literary genre in question, we can continue to add and add many more advantages? We tell you the benefits for children of reading children's biographies. It will surprise you!

Biographies are an excellent source of inspiration as we see how ordinary people like us are doing extraordinary things. Think of the great characters in history ...

- Nobody would believe that Leonardo Da Vinci would become known as the 'First Renaissance Man' because it turns out that he knew how to do many things and in all of them be the best.

- Also look at Napoleon who fought through thick and thin to achieve his goals no matter how many people tried to persuade him.

- Gandhi, another excellent example, has become the most admired character in the world for being the greatest defender of peace, no one would have said it due to all the difficulties he had to overcome in his life.

- Not to mention the most prominent scientists and the very important work they did, for example, the bad student Albert Einstein who has become one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

- Marie Curie, who ran home from school to study physics, won the Nobel Prize in Physics for her research on radioactivity and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

- Charles Darwin wrote a book: 'The Origin of Species' which has served as the basis for numerous investigations.

Don't you think these characters have many things to teach our children? Not only because of how exciting it is to read about their life and work, but also because they are an example to follow and an inexhaustible source of motivation and inspiration. Just what the smallest of the house need!

Read with your children the biographies of scientists, writers, historians and other famous people and they will get these wonderful benefits:

1. Reading a biography is a life lesson
The knowledge that reading a text of this type gives us is a life lesson that is well worth sharing with children. With the passage of time, each one accumulates their own experiences, knowledge and experiences but, if we become fond of reading biographies, we will also accumulate the knowledge of all those characters who have marked a before and after in the history of humanity.

Knowing how other people's lives were, how they came to be what they were and how they overcame adversity, provides us with wisdom and an excellent concept of achievements, actions and consequences, as well as personal recognition and what others make us .

2. Biographies open our minds to making possible what seems impossible
Reading a biography invites us and our children to think about the fact that we always have to make an effort because it is, thanks to that full dedication, that what seemed impossible becomes a reality admired by all.

Many times we are certain that we are 'small' and that we will not be able to do anything great in life, however, reading helps us to open our minds and change concepts that we took for granted.

3. They help us avoid the fear of failure
Do you think the great characters in history were successful the first time? Do you think that they didn't stumble more than once or that they never encountered difficulties? All notable people also have to teach us about the fear of failure and the absurd belief that the road to success is a firm line on which there is not a single stone.

4. They teach us to learn from mistakes
You only need to read one of these biographies to realize that the road is not full of roses, that the trial and error method is the most useful and that the fear of failure is just another feeling that must be managed and that it should never make our feet stand up.

5. They offer us an excellent historical perspective
Reading biographies with children is to bring them and ourselves closer to a wonderful historical perspective in which we will understand what the life and work of these characters were like, what the social conditions and how the culture of that time was.

We will not be able to value or understand the present if we do not know how things were before, don't you think? Learning from great men and women makes us see the world from a much deeper perspective, in addition, it encourages us to exploit the talent that each one of us carries within.

6. With biographies we learn that it is never too late to do something great and important
Not all great characters achieved their goals either at the first or at an early age, indeed, many of them had remarkable successes already in their adult lives. This, then, is another of the valuable benefits of children reading biographies, they will understand that it is never too late to have dreams, goals and do everything possible to achieve them.

Biographies are ideal as a source of inspiration and motivation, they are perfect to give wings to children's creativity, as well as an opportunity to improve attention and one more excuse to share a beautiful moment with the little ones. How then should this type of reading be so that your children can understand them?

- Easy-to-read biographies
Biographies must be easy to read and with words that children can understand perfectly. The language must be simple and entertaining. If they are written in story format, all the better!

- They must be interesting in the eyes of children
For biographies to be an educational reference for children as well as a very practical tool for parents and teachers, they must be interesting to children. The text must be written in such a way that it is attractive.

- Better than better if they include graphic material
Illustrations or drawings will make the biography much more appealing as well as easier to understand.

- To read with mom and dad
If you tell the children to read the biography themselves they will be fine, but if you tell them to read it together it will seem like the best idea in the world!

And so that you can start reading this type of texts inspired by different historical figures right now, here are some precious short story biographies:

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