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Stories about summer for children

Stories about summer for children

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The children's stories about summer They are perfect for teaching children what changes occur at this time of year when it is warmer and we go to the beach and the sea, to the mountains, to parks ... Stories and stories help children to understand the world that surrounds them, while helping us to promote the habit of reading among the little ones.

In We offer you a selection of stories that take place in summer, a period of the year characterized by high temperatures, holidays, the beach and the sun. And these days we suggest you immerse yourself with your whole family in the wonderful world of short stories for kids.

These short stories take place in summer settings, so you can use them to explain to children what happens at this time of year. You can read them with your children first thing in the morning, to start the day with a big smile on your face, in the afternoon to propose a moment of relaxation or at night before sleeping.

Actually, any time of day is a good time to take a break and enjoy one of these stories as a family. That's why ... and without further ado ... here are the best children's stories that talk about summer and all the fun activities we do during the hottest days!

Children enjoy reading the stories a lot. The story itself provides them with learning: about summer, about other parts of the world, about different values, about other people's lives ... But, through the different educational activities that we propose below, we can also reinforce some skills and knowledge that children have been acquiring.

- Reading comprehension questions
From any story we read with our son or daughter, we can get some comprehension questions. It is as simple as asking him about something that happened in the story to see if he has been paying attention.

You can ask open-ended questions, but you can also propose a 'true or false' exercise, of ordering the different fragments of the story or of reflection on the lessons that the story offers us.

Remember that it is not enough for children to read or listen to the words in the text, but they have to understand them and know how to interpret the message conveyed by the story.

- Dictionary races
Once you finish reading the story, you can ask the child if he has understood the meaning of all the words that have appeared. If you doubt any of them, you can look it up in the dictionary. To make this activity more fun, we suggest you do a dictionary race.

To carry it out, you need two dictionaries and a word to look up. Whoever finds its meaning first wins. If you only have one dictionary, you can take turns and time yourself to see who takes less time. Fun and learning are guaranteed.

- Verbs review
Did you know that with stories we can also review verb tenses? And the nouns and adjectives and adverbs and prepositions ... You just have to read little by little and identify all the words that appear in the text (according to your child's level and knowledge).

- Organize a puppet theater
The stories you read about summer can inspire you to organize a play based on its story. You yourself can be the actors and actresses or you can represent it with puppets and marionettes.

Have you wanted to read and enjoy children's stories? Surely yes! There are many reasons to choose children's literature as the best summer vacation hobby. Here we tell you some of them!

- As stated in the document 'Reading is the first thing' carried out by a compendium of United States institutions such as the National Institute of Literacy or the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, school success starts with reading. When children in the early grades read well, their ability to learn is more likely to increase during and after the school years.

- In summer we have more free time, so we can dedicate more time to share a reading moment with the children. In this way, we will be encouraging their habit to enjoy books.

- Through books, children can reach some places in the world that you will not be able to travel to this vacation. Can there be a better plan?

- One of the great benefits of reading is that it encourages the creativity and the imagination of children.

- And of course, as we have already seen in previous educational activities, stories are the perfect excuse for children to learn spelling, vocabulary, or grammar. In addition, they will be able to work in the most fun way on their ability to maintain concentration for longer and longer periods of time.

Happy summer and happy reading!

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